All the prices here are for unframed art without a mat. Mats can be included at additional cost. Payment are accepted via payPal, shipping starts at $15. Please contact me via email, for an exact dollar figure.

  • Feel the flow

    Feel the flow

    20x16 $180 unframed

  • High country morning

    High country morning

    16x20 $160 unframed

  • Glow of Morning

    Glow of Morning

    16x16 $160 unframed

  • Deep Woods

    Deep Woods

    20x16 $180 unframed

  • Snowy stream

    Snowy stream

    24x18, $260 unframed

  • Off the trail

    Off the trail

    12x16, SOLD

  • Autumn Meadow

    Autumn Meadow

    22x11, $160 unframed

  • Autumn Grass

    Autumn Grass

    18x18, $180 unframed

  • Along the road

    Along the road

    20x16, $160 unframed

  • Crystal River Sunrise

    Crystal River Sunrise

    20 x 18, not for sale