teri-2016Painting is my reprieve, my way to transcend the noise outside and in.

I paint from photographs and make ample use of Photoshop to explore composition. In my current work, I strive for an impressionistic style while honoring a true experience of our glorious world. I hope to stir an emotional response, but not so much to the painting as to the essence of the subject.

Artist’s Background

In childhood, my hands were always busy drawing. I won contests, and I imagined an adult future as an artist. When teenage insecurity took hold, I became convinced I wasn’t good enough. And I just stopped. Then in my twenties I landed in advertising art almost by accident. When the internet began to show real promise, I morphed my visual skills into web design. Fine art had no place among the necessities of single parenting.

I began painting in earnest only in my fifties. And then, only in my spare time. Retirement offered the opportunity to re-imagine my future as a fine artist.

I love hiking the high country, and spend almost as much time on the trail as at the easel. I live in Niwot, Colorado with my husband Neal Pierman, who does fine art photography (NealPierman.com).